Atom Brown

The Emcee Spectacular is the brainchild alter-ego of an explosive artist on the move.  The development of his unique style is the result of a lifetime of musical influence and personal experience.

Eventually landing up in Los Angeles Atom Brown attempted to serve as a the emcee spectacular with success. It is established that while he was successful , he frequently caused damage performing at multiple venues. Atom Brown displayed an attitude, refusing to submit to trends he would rather keep conscience in hip hop.

Atom Brown musical journey did not begin in Los Angeles, however. Born in Chicago, it was there that he developed his musical tastes and interests, and it wasn’t long after picking up a guitar in his home studio that he was experimenting with sounds, developing his ear for Blues, Jazz, Funk, and Soul.

Finally, after honing his unique sound over recent years, he is now preparing to release his second album, ‘Operation Push’, which underlies the changes that Atom Brown has gone through over recent years. The biggest of these was the switch from Chicago to Los Angeles, which has allowed him to develop as a person, and has in turn profoundly aided his musical development.


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