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  • Group logo of 'Focused On Making TERA The Very Best Game It Can Be'
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    TERA is a MMORPG that got a lot of attention at the time of its release as a result of its distinctive style and battle system. The match saw a larger surge in popularity once it turned into free-to-play. Though Te […]

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  • Group logo of To improve NBA 2K's simulation of basketball
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    I soon realized The Neighborhood simply replaces NBA 2K19’s core menu. In that sense, it’s merely a clumsy method to browse. Want a haircut? Walk the cube to the barbershop. Wish to change clothing? Go home. Need […]

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  • Group logo of For Honor is (finally) becoming dedicated servers
    active 9 months, 1 week ago

    Ubisoft provided For Honor players a peek at the For Honor game’s future now with the announcement of two fresh seasonal upgrades, set to arrive in August and November, that will add new heroes, maps, equipment […]

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  • Group logo of All You Want to Learn about Dungeon in CBT 2
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    Most of the Maplers are so excited with Maplestory Closed Beta 2, they are happy to know more info about CBT two, which would be the key to save this game – yes, I am gonna need to be frank, Cheap MapleStory 2 […]

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